Don’t get left out – Holy Smokes—look at these numbers!

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I found this post very intreging about some of the Internet career paths that are available.

It is right in line with the social networking, facebook training that my partner Robert Grant has done.

My colleagues Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman
unveiled their dynamic new program, Crowd Conversion,
less than seven days ago.

And they just let me know how
things are going. They’re getting tons of
feedback, and it’s really exciting.

For example, there’s one woman named Terri Johnson
who specializes in  publishing history for home schooling.

Not exactly the most “big money” niche in the world, right?

She took the gift stuff Robert and Ian have been giving
away, started using them, and built her subscriber
base by 800 HUNDRED new people in just FIVE days!

Yeah, she’s pretty jazzed, and with good reason.
Matter of fact, she bought the entire program after
she saw what happened following just a few of the
Crowd Conversion strategies.

Then there’s Jane Savoie—she followed their guidance
in a whole other niche and broke 1,000 fans in just SIX days!

Have to admit, I’m impressed. These aren’t some hot shot
marketers, they’re just regular every-day people who
are seeing big results super fast.

But then, there are the truly experienced marketers like
Alex Mandossian. They are equally impressed, because they’re
getting outstanding results too!

In fact, Alex is so excited about this, he got in touch
with Ian and Robert yesterday. He insisted on hosting
a Teleseminar call with them, to answer the most frequently
asked questions pouring in right now.

That’s the GOOD news.

The bad news is Alex has a really tight schedule, and the
only time he could do the call is this Thursday, October 15th
at October 15th, at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

There will be a replay of the call later in the day

at 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern, The call will last for 90 minutes

So there’s no time to waste.

Seriously, if you’re the least bit interested in how
Robert and Ian’s strategies work like gangbusters to
build a subscriber base at lightning speed, you should
take the time to be on this call.

The call is a freebie, but you DO
need to register for it so they
can reserve enough conference lines.

[Register For The Q&A Call Here]
I’m planning to be on call. Hope you will be too.

If you have any lingering questions on how Crowd Conversion
works, this is the way to get the inside scoop.

To your success,

Sid Smith

P.S. Be sure you register for the call right away! I’m pretty
sure they will be flooded with response to this, and you
don’t want to miss out because the lines were full.

[Register for the Q&A Call Here]


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