It’s like the search engine has eyes. It needs to read your site to figure out what the site is about. If it can’t read it correctly there will be errors and your site will land in outer space There are over 30 variables that the search engines look at when trying to figure out what your site is all about.

Today I am going to talk about the hierarchy of text relevance.  This is the way in which the search engines look for those keywords in a site.

1. Domain – The search engine looks for keywords within your URL address:  In this URL the search engine would be able to pick out the the keywords floor, flooring, hardwood floor etc.

2. Title Tags: These are often overlooked. Secret: Most webdevelopers screw this one up. You title tags are very important and they need to have keywords in them that are related to the text on your webpage.

3. Text: The text on your webpage. Every webpage on your site should have at least 300 to 800 words of text. It is important to have empirical keyword text throughout the page.

If the search engine cannot read what you are about, you will be buried in the search results and get little rankings and hardly no visibility.

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Posted: October 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

It is shocking to me. I am in complete shock at how poorly design some websites are.

I work with companies and businesses that need help on the Internet. These poor companies hire someone to build them a site for around $1,500 or $2,000. After about 4 months and dismal results they call me (I consult for Chet Holmes International, at the CHI search engine marketing division) and wonder why they don’t get results.

I looked at two sites yesterday that had the following variables.

Traffic Rank = No Data

Links = No Data

Online Since = No Data

I kills me, since these guys had no idea why nothing shows up on the search results. This shows me real bad programming and SEO implementation by the designer.

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Why Do Business Websites Fail?

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I look at websites all day long and many of them are buried on the Internet.

Why Don’t websites come up on search results?

There are about 30 important  variables that search engines look at when checking out or scanning your site. If your website is not designed/programmed correctly from the beginning you will have problems. Most websites look pretty, but are invisible to the search engines. I work closely with Doug Williams at Doug Williams and Associates. I like Doug’s Approach because he comes from the business side of things. Doug has learned some important tricks and figured out why websites fail and get dismal results. He once hired an optimizer to optimize his website and it didn’t work. Doug was so frustrated by the poor results that he started researching on his own. Once he understood and found optimization errors on his site he corrected them and fired his website optimizer.

Here is how I know that he is good.

Go to Google and type in:

business consultant, business consulting, small business consulting

You will find his site right next to or above IBM and, that is something to say right there, considering that Doug Williams and Associates is a small company and they don’t have the marketing budget like IBM.

If you want to learn more before you build a site. I strongly recommend that you spend a little money and learn some of their secrets. It will save you thousands of dollars in website fixes, if you can understand the principles before you buy.

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